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Discover the 100 ambassadors of EXPOFRANCE 2025

The project

Ready to write a new page of history?

Over the course of several weeks, hundreds of you showed your desire to represent France's
bid to host the 2025 World Expo. After shortlisting 400 candidates, a jury has selected 100
official ambassadors from 69 different countries.

The great adventure has finally begun for these young ambassadors, who will soon be
joining us in Paris. To be continued in our next episode...

The ambassadors’ missions

  • condition

    01Co-write a letter of support

  • condition

    02Take the letter to their country’s authorities

  • condition

    03Represent France in their country

The ambassadors

I'm a proactive Artistic Studies student, having engaged in many types of activities over the years, such as cinema festivals (as a kids monitor) or a part in the upcoming film "Anamorphosis". I've been for over seven years with a theater company which focus on historic recreations - Viv'Arte. My last challenge was sufi dancing, as the whirling dervishes of Turkey do. I am passionate feminist and activist in my daily life, and I've joined plenty of discussion groups and organizations. People in need of advice concerning these questions come to me often. I believe it essential to my well being and growth to always be on the move and looking for something new to experience, whether it be work-related or something more personal. I'm thrilled as this opportunity will combine lifestyle changes and a different environment to expand my knowledge.
  • PT
Hello World! I am Claudeth, a young woman from Honduras. I am doing something different everyday to help people whose live in a beautiful country for its nature, but sick for the violence and the insecure. Young people is dying everyday. I want to make a change not just for me but for more people, for childhood in my country, for women and men. We all need to learn how to shine and we can learn better if we watch someone else shinning positively around us. People need to feel secure, living in a positive enveyorment and do not feel fear. I think education is great to teach how to be proactive in this world, the art, the colors, the music, the words is a way to express ourselfs and we can do it positively giving those people a chance to hear something good in their lifes, give them the impulse to do something to feel proud of them and show to the world they are avilable to do something really good for them and for the world. I want to shine, yes, I want to. But, I also want, if it is possible people around of I could fire on the lamp of their lives with the fire it is inside their hearts, without feel insecure, or in disadvantage because we live in a third world. I want people to know, no only Honduras but all the world is a beautiful place for its beautiful nature, for its good cultures and for its people. Thank you.
  • HN
Hi! My name is João Pedro (little bit hard to pronounce in other languages, but don't worry about that), I'm a Brazilian guy who really fell in love with France after visiting the country last January. I was fascinated by the way of living of the French people, the incredible pieces of architecture that you can find in each corner of the cities, the History that makes itself present not only inside the museums... Expressing my love for France is something that I already do in my daily life, therefore being an ambassador for the World Expo in France would be completely natural and a pleasure to me. Besides, I can't wait to be back in France and have the chance to further explore this amazing country!
  • BR